Dzwonki Regardless – Raye, Rudimental

Kategorie : Dance

Regardless - Raye, Rudimental Dzwonki Darmowy:

Regardless of the tears I cried for you today
Regardless of the words you think but nevеr say
You're always in my mind somehow
Whethеr we're up or down
Regardless, regardless

Oh, regard... la-la-la-la
Oh, regard... la-la-la-la

No, this house is not a home
When I'm sleepin' all alone
I'm used to havin', I'm on hold
Then I can't touch you through the phone
You know when you turn me cold
I still got your t-shirt on, oh
Haven't seen you for a minute, no
I don't like it, not at all, ooh

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