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Opening track off pop sensation Justin Bieber’s second studio album Under the Mistletoe.

Justin Bieber's first holiday collection 'Under the Mistletoe,' which you should know is out Nov. 1, kicks off with a dreamy, drumbeat-driven, mid-tempo number called 'Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas.' And no, it's not an ode to coal. Not by any stretch. It's actually a song about being satisfied with what you have.

'Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas Ringtone' moves similarly and operates at the same tempo.

Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas Ringtone Lyrics:

I know someone out there knows what i'm saying
Baby you're a girl who's wishing just like me (yeah, yeah)
There is one, and you know who you are
My gift to you is all my heart
Make my holiday, and hear me when I say

If you're the only thing I ever get for christmas
Then everything I wished for has come true
You're the single light, I'm on my list
You're my one and only christmas gift
The mistletoe is where i'll be waiting, meet me there

In the morning I know everybody's rushing
To see what's underneath the christmas tree
Know what I mean, cuz I don't find it there
And I need the mistletoe is where
You make my holidays, so hear me when I say

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